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Get Shady and Think Like a Hacker

Welcome to your all-access pass into the minds of today's cybercriminals.

Once a month, we host Tradecraft Tuesday—a live webinar blending breaking security news, hands-on demonstrations of offensive and defensive security techniques, and much more.

Led by Huntress founders and members of our threat hunting team, these sessions pull back the curtain to teach you how hackers hack—and what you can do to stop them.


Tuesday, March 12, 2024 | 1:00 PM EST · 1 hour 0 min

500,000 Phishing Emails In One Hour

You have seen a phishing email, of course, but have you seen half a million phishing emails?! At Huntress we gain a unique perspective with security awareness training -- especially observing what partners submit to “report a phish” from real emails seen in the wild! For this Tradecraft Tuesday, Caleb Stewart and John Hammond will dig through the past five years of phishing emails, and share the juicy details on tradecraft that adversaries push to your inbox!

John Hammond

Principal Security Researcher

Caleb Stewart

Principal Security Researcher


Matt Kiely

Principal Product Researcher

John Hammond

Principal Security Researcher

Jamie Levy

Director of Adversary Tactics

Dray Agha

Security Operations Manager

Stuart Ashenbrenner

MacOs Researcher

Caleb Stewart

Principal Security Researcher

Harlan Carvey

Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst

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Tradecraft Tuesday