Stop Mac Hacks in Their Tracks

May 23, 2024 | 11:30 AM EDT | 1 hour 0 min

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Back in the day, Macs were “safe.” As Windows devices fought off malware, Mac users didn’t have to worry about a thing—at least that’s what the rumor was.

Today, Macs have more than their fair share of malware. And with macOS adoption surging across industries, from the creative arts to finance, the attack surface is expanding and cybercriminals are taking notice.

Join us for a webinar jam-packed with information on the hidden threats, strategies, and solutions you can use to secure your macOS systems. We’ll cover how macOS-specific malware is on the rise, debunk the myths surrounding macOS security, and reveal the dangers of misplaced confidence in your favorite OS.

Secure your spot and explore:

  • The lightning-fast speed of macOS-specific threats and the hackers behind them
  • Why relying solely on native macOS defenses is a risky bet
  • Real-life incidents where unsuspecting companies fell victim
  • How to distinguish true cybersecurity solutions from the pretenders
  • We’ll also uncover practical strategies to combat the growing macOS threats and stop hackers in their tracks.


Stuart Ashenbrenner

Staff macOS Researcher

Wes Hutcherson

Director, Product Marketing

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Webinar: Stop Mac Hacks in Their Tracks by Huntress